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Hiking becomes a way of life once it gets hold of you. Just one day on a trail wipes away all those boring endless hours in the office, the constant grinding of the traffic and those irksome telephone calls.

Once in the open, the backpacker / hiker reads the sky and revels in the exquisite beauties of the natural world without having to fork out a fortune.

Freedom is one of the key points of hiking/backpacking.

There is no one to argue with and no apologies to be made. If it is solitude you require, the hills and mountains will provide it for you in abundance.

There is no better way to relieve the stress that builds up in the course of daily living than Hiking in the wilderness.

Another important facet of backpacking is that you have time to think and discover who you really are, to learn to relate to nature and how to enjoy the tranquility that we never seem to find time for in the city.

Let hiking/backpacking become a part of your way of life. You need it.

Let the East Rand Hiking Club introduce you to the joys of hiking
"Feel the Pulse of Africa through the soles of your feet"